Inactive mailboxes in Yahoo Mail

After 12 months or more of not using your mailbox, it is considered inactive. It will stop receiving new emails, and all mailbox contents, folders, contacts and settings are permanently deleted.

Keep your mailbox active

Yahoo Mail keeps your mailbox active as long as you use it, but after 12 months of inactivity or more, the content will be deleted and can't be restored.

  • Access + Forwarding - Sign up for Access + Forwarding, and never worry about signing in to keep your account active again.
  • Yahoo Mail Pro - Keep the content of your mailbox from being deleted by signing up for Yahoo Mail Pro. Your mailbox won't be deleted for inactivity and you'll enjoy other premium benefits such as no ads and priority customer support.

  Not available in all locales - If the option isn't listed in your account, it's not available at this time. View our Terms of Service in your region.

Reclaim an inactive mailbox

An inactive mailbox can be recovered by signing in to it and will recover the email account, but not the original content or settings made of the mailbox.

  Note - Subject to storage limits, spam and email abuse policies and future changes in storage policy.